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Lest you get weary

Lest you lose faith and forget your magnificence

when faced with that other ism that resides

at the intersection of race and gender

Rest your soul on the shoulders of your band of sisters

Black woman — feminist — womanist — fighter

Holding up two heavy…

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Your shoulders are heavy,
but you stand tall and raise your head high,
knowing that you are raising kings and queens,
future leaders of the world.

You are pounding the pavement,
kicking butt, making it look easy
but we know better;
we know the struggle,
we understand the pain.

You are sometimes joyful.
sometimes fearful,
saying quiet prayers,
crying silent tears,
working miracles with limited resources.

We see you,
We respect you.
We are proud of you,
We have your back.
The road feels lonely
but you are not alone.

Poet @ IG: J.Autherine

Riding High by Janet Autherine

Riding on your high horse above the drama,
looking at all the little people living and loving
recklessly, wondering how they lost their
self-esteem and moral high ground.
Distracted by self-righteousness,
you lose control of the reins
The horse takes off down a dimly lit path,
where there are complexities and grey areas
and seductions.
You fall but surprisingly don’t feel the pain so
you linger, enjoying the view from below,
tasting the depravity,
finally meeting the devil inside.
Shaken. Scared. Ego subdued.
You claw your way back up,
shaking off the dust, absorbing the shame,
fully aware of your humanity
The horse is the same
but it doesn’t recognize its rider.

We judge what we don’t understand.
Poem from the book, Wild Heart, Peaceful Soul
by Janet Autherine.

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Sis, Finally!

Just like that, everything that I thought
was wrong with me become an asset.
I looked in the mirror and realized that I
am perfect just the way that God made me.
I struggled because I have been standing
in the wrong room with the wrong people —
trying to fit in, looking for approval, asking
for permission to be authentically me.

My sisters, if you are still struggling,
wipe your tears so that you can see
the beauty that is inside.
Find your tribe, your sister circle,
your prayer warriors.
Clothe yourself in self-love and self-acceptance,
believe that you are enough; watch the pieces
of your mirror come together to finally reflect
all the beauty that is in your heart.

From the poetry book, the Heart and Soul of Black Women by Janet Autherine. IG: J.Autherine

Janet Autherine

Janet Autherine

Author of The Heart & Soul of Black Women & Island Mindfulness. Amplifying the voices of women IG:@JanetAutherine